Sayyid Hossein Arab Baghi

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In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The name and birth of the deceased Arab-Baghi

His blessed name comes from the name of his great grandfather Husayn ibn Ali (peace be upon him). Mr. Sayyid Husayn, known as Arab Baghi is the son of the late Mr. Sayyid Nasrollah Ibn Sadiq al-Mousavi al-Husayni (may Allah’s blessings be upon him). Mr. Sayyid Hossein Arab Baghi is originally from Sadat Golpayegan . Previously, the ancestors of this great migrated and settled in Urmia. This gentleman’s lineage goes to Bab al-Hawaaj Abu al-Hasan, son of Ja’far, son of Muhammad, son of Ali, son of Al-Husayn, son of Ali son of Abitalib (may Allah’s peace be upon them) and at the beginning of his writings he expresses this lineage.

Sayyid Hossein Arab Baghi (Blessings of Allah be upon him) In 1294 AH or 1254 SH, He was born in the village of Saidloy of Urmia, and after a period of time he migrated from the village to Urmia and in the care of his great uncle Mr. Haj Sayyid Hussein, who was one of the famous merchants of the city, lived, At that time، Mr. Seyed Hossein Arab baghi parents had passed away and this Hajj Sayyid Hossein had no children, This dear Sid was his heir, At the same time, he studied religious sciences and Arabic preparations in the Great Mosque of Urmia, which is one of the pre-Islamic monuments.

سید حسین عرب باغی

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