Hijab application or the basis of faith regarding the necessity of hijab for women according to the verses and hadiths of the Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them

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Introducing the program

Hijab application for women It is one of the important issues of religious obligations and the pillars of religion and the rulings of the Sharia of Islam, which includes many rulings and innumerable advantages, and this software is one of the most comprehensive programs in the relevant chapter, as a hijab for women. Sayyid Hossein Arab Baghi In the book Basis of Faith, according to the Qur’anic verses and and authentic hadiths, he wrote about the obligation of hijab, so that the religious brothers and sisters can take the hijab that the Sharia says about it and act, God willing.

The list of contents in this software including:

  • Noble verses on the necessity of hijab and niqab
  • Hadiths on the obligation of veiling for women
  • Hadiths on the prohibition of looking at non-mahrams
  • And removing the doubt from seeing the face and two palms and two feet of a woman (important)
  • Ahadith on the obligation of hijab
  • In condemning shaking hands with non-mahram women
  • It is necessary to be jealous of men
  • Looking at the back of women’s heads is condemned
  • In expressing the difference between men and women

Application features :

  • With intelligent search
  • Support for practical fonts for reading (Compost, Prasto, IranSense)
  • Determine text size and set line spacing
  • Setting the day and night mode for the study page
  • Determining whether to keep the mobile screen on while reading
  • And other features…