The application of rulings according to the verses and hadiths of Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them

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Introducing the program

Islamic rules and laws application is one of the most comprehensive programs in explaining the issues of Islamic rulings and executive laws that Sayyid Hossein Arab Baghi (may God have mercy on him) in the book of Islamic Laws with complete and unique jurisprudence according to Quranic verses and authentic hadiths of the courts. Shia books and other authentic books have been collected so that the religious brothers and sisters can obtain the ruling of every issue with knowledge and certainty from the words of the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) and act, God willing.

The list of contents in this software is divided into two parts

Book of Islamic law, volume one (explaining the executive laws of Islam) from:

Laws of transactions, laws of rent, laws of inheritance, laws of fines, laws of punishment, laws of judgment, laws of martyrdom, laws of divorce, laws of marriage, rights of spouses.and relative and milky prohibitions and…

The Book of Islamic Law, Volume II (On the Principles and Branches of the Islamic Religion) from:

Pillars of Islam, taking rulings from Imams (AS), And the rules of impurity, the rules of purification (ghusl, ablution, and timmum), The rulings of the dead, the rulings of children and the rulings of women (menstruation, puerperium, and istihaza). And the rules of the Qibla and the clothes of the person praying And the rules of prayer (daily, Friday, congregational, verses and recommended prayers) And the rules of fasting, zakat and khums And the rules of pilgrimage and mourning and…

Application features:

  • With intelligent search and advanced filtering
  • Support for practical fonts for reading (Compost, Prasto, IranSense)
  • Determine text size and set line spacing
  • Setting the day and night mode for the study page
  • Determining whether to keep the mobile screen on while reading
  • And other features…